JUST IN: The Robertsons Unveil Their Newest Business Venture… Fans Ecstatic


The Robertsons have moved on from reality television, and now they seem to be starting a new restaurant dynasty. The Duck Dynasty family has opened multiple food businesses since the close of their hit show.

The Robertsons Restaurants

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photo by willie’s duckdiner.com

The Robertsons have been opening food businesses left and right. It seems this Duck Dynasty family can’t get enough of the service industry.

First, Willie Robertson reopened his Duck Diner. Willie’s diner features dishes inspired by his own family’s recipes. Duck Dynasty featured the famous restaurant. Sadie and John Luke even worked at the establishment for a while. However, it was closed for quite some time due to the family’s busy schedule. 

Luckily, the diner has now reopened. Willie said, “We’re passionate about food just like we are hunting, so I like to cook, and we wanted to have some real Louisiana food.” The diner hopes to be a go-to place for both tourists and locals.

Fans can also visit the Robertsons’ sweet shop. Missy Kay opened her bakery just last year, and things are going great. The matriarch of the Robertsons has a talent for baking and cooking. Miss Kay’s Sweets and Eats is located in West Monroe Louisiana. They serve homemade treats and sweets every single day and even offer a delivery service.

Many fans also remember the famous Snow Cone stand John Luke Robertson famously opened on the show. Duck Dynasty episodes often featured the adorable summer stand.

Jep’s Food Truck

The latest of the Robertson’s restaurant businesses is Jep Robertson’s new food truck. The youngest of the Robertsons, Jep, loves to try new projects with his wife, Jessica. He recently held a “soft launch” for his Southern Roots food truck. From the looks of the photos, the truck will feature southern comfort food.

Which of the Robertsons’ restaurants do you think looks the most promising?