The Robertsons May Have Shocked Everyone With Their Latest Instagram Post…


The Robertsons went all out for Halloween this year. The family, known for their down-home roots and modest life, decided to be as extravagant as possible. The family rented a party bus for their kids to trick or treat. We wonder what Grandpa Phil had to say about such yuppie behavior.

The Robertsons’ Party Bus

The Robertsons made things extravagant and fun for their kids. Jep and Jessica Robertson, the youngest of the sibling couples, decided to rent their kids a party bus for the Halloween night of festivities. Jessica posted a photo of the family and their friends on the rented out ride. She said, “Now this is a party bus!! Wishing y’all a safe and happy Halloween.!!!”

Anyone got the Blues…… #bluesbrothers Happy Halloween everyone!

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In the photo, the family dons fun baseball and 50s themed costumes. The image featured Gus in the bottom right corner. We can’t believe how much he’s grown. Jessica also shared a second picture of her two young boys, Gus and River. They were dressed as the Blues Brothers in matching suits and hats.

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Some fans were surprised that the Robertsons would go for such an expensive ride. In the past, they haven’t flaunted their wealth in such extravagant ways. However, others were quick to point out that the Robertsons would do anything for their kids.

Halloween In West Monroe

Korie Robertson also shared her family’s Halloween costumes on social media. The mom of six dressed as her own Grandmother in a beautiful vintage coat. She wrote, “[Bella Rob] went as me and I went as my grandmother @jodyblon ????She said she remembers wearing this beautiful suit to an LSU game and someone spilling beer all over it ???? Can you imagine dressing up this much for a football game? At 86 she’s just as fabulous as ever!”

Willie also had a hilarious costume. Korie’s Instagram caption read, “Me: “Willie, are you dressing up tonight?” Willie: *removes bandana and puts on beanie “I’m going as Zac Brown” Willie does share a resemblance with the Country singer.

Are you shocked by the Robertson’s lavish Halloween digs, or would you expect this sort of behavior from them?