What The Robertsons Believe About Parenting- Discipline Is Key


The Robertsons are a family of strong faith and values. They’re also a family of a lot of kids. It takes tough parents to raise so many little ones, especially so many successful little ones. Here’s what the family does to ensure their children grow up to be successful, and God-fearing people.

Phil Robertson On His Boys

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The first Duck Dynasty parents were Miss Kay and Phil Robertson. They set the tone for the entire family. They laid out how parenthood as a Robertson would go. Phil is incredibly proud of his four sons, and how they turned out. Though there were bumps in the road, each man has grown into a successful, accomplished, and God-loving person.

Phil said, “They were raised up on biblical instruction. That mixed with discipline, the discipline code I call it.” Phil and Kay raised their boys in church. They talked about the Bible at all times. They also parented very strictly. There were many rules.

Willie tried to do the same for his kids. Like his father, he disciplined his kids with a strict set of rules from an early age. “I’m kind of a laid back dad, to be honest,” he explained. “But at two and three and four at that point…that’s where the training was coming in. Teaching them to obey, and it’s for their own good. It’s way easier when they’re 12 and 15, having to deal with that. If you just let them be disasters young, a lot of kids are just going to struggle…”

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