Robert Kirkman On Daryl’s Sexuality (Kinda)

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Robert Kirkman initially said he thought Daryl Dixon might be “asexual,” despite not understanding the current definition of that word. Essentially, he only meant that Daryl Dixon is not exactly a sexual person.

Some members of the LGBTQ community were upset he answered without understanding the various terms correctly. Robert Kirkman essentially plead ignorance on the issue in an interview.

“I’m a stupid straight white guy,” he said in regards to the issue.

Pleading Ignorance On Hot Button Topic

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Being completely honest, I was ignorant to the existence of asexual people at the time and so I didn’t know,” said Robert Kirkman. “I just meant asexual as in he’s not really a sexual person. That being said, I wouldn’t entirely rule it out.”

On The Walking Dead, there are several gay characters among the groups. Jesus came out to Maggie this season, and it’s true that Aaron and Eric are a couple. Plus Tara had feelings for Denise before she died.

Robert Kirkman then spoke about how he tries to stay informed on these issues.

Will Daryl Ever Find Love On TWD?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“It could be Daryl is an asexual person because we don’t really see that side of him. With LGBTQIA, it’s sometimes a hot-button thing and you kind of worry about what you can say. I’m a stupid straight white guy, so I don’t know a lot of things.”

Robert Kirkman then added that it’s not his world. He tries to stay educated on hot-button items, but sometimes fictional work becomes political without the intention of the writer or creator.

Despite pleading ignorance on the issues, there’s still no sign that Daryl Dixon is gay or straight. Many fans want for Daryl to find love with Carol, but it looks like that ship has sailed. Before, it also looked like he had feelings for Beth.

In the end, Daryl Dixon is a bit of a loner that may not find a companion. He had expressed wanting a horse or dog to travel with…

Do you think Daryl Dixon will ever find love on The Walking Dead?

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