Rick GrimesThe Walking Dead Comic is a slight variation of the show, or the other way around as many would say.

There’s no denying, true fans of the show have a deeper appreciation when the episodes follow the Walking Dead Comic’s storyline more closely. I’m not a reader of the comic, I know it has a good storyline as that’s where the premise of the show came from.

Out of all the characters on the Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln is the one who has the most desire to change things up. And he doesn’t want to change things from the comics, he wants to change things on the show to better follow the comic’s closer. According to Scott Gimple, the show is a remix of the classic comic, better adapted to work as a television series. Below is a direct quote from Gimple, explaining in more detail.

“That’s something we proved when I started on the show and [Robert Kirkman] and I were sitting in the room and I was a writer and producer,”

stated Gimple. “I was always wanting to hew as close to the comics as possible, and Robert was wanting to deviate to provide the readers with a new experience.”

The show closely follows the generalized theme of the Comic but has been known to veer off onto different tangents, including on some very important situations.

Mainly when it comes to character development and who remains on the show. According to the Walking Dead Comic book, there should be 4-5 characters, alive on the show, who ought to be switched out with 4-5 who’ve been whacked.

Rick GrimesIn the eyes of Lincoln, the TV show is a type of do over from the Walking Dead Comic book. Characters like Abraham, for example, have been able to develop more fully since in the show he was killed by an accidental arrow shot in episode #97 of the comic book.

With the upcoming premier of Season 7 of the Walking Dead airing soon, it’s more important than ever to keep the show up to date as closely as possible with the comic book according to Andrew.

Now that the story will continue to unfold with Negan having the crew in a very serious bind, it’s going to be interesting to see how closely it will resemble the comic. Did Negan kill who he did in the comic book? If my sources are correct, there’s no way because the character who’s been speculated to be the victim of Negan in the show isn’t even alive in the comic books. What are your thoughts about the relationship between the Walking Dead Comic Book and the television show? Comment below with your thoughts because I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.


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