Ah, gender reveals. So wonderful, right?

Wrong. Not always.

A father stands by his truck, ready to reveal the gender of his child. Little did he know, he was about to get the surprise of his day, and not in a good way (photo via YouTube) One redneck gender reveal revealed the absentmindedness of a the father. The idea of the gender reveal was clever — put either pink or blue powder in the exhaust pipes. Then when they start the truck, the color would shoot out, revealing the gender of the baby.

It was a great idea, the problem was in the execution of said idea.

We’re not really sure what happened or why the truck started moving when the engine turned on, but in this short video, we see a man standing next to his truck with his arm in the window. He’s ready to start the engine. Other family members stood behind the camera.

Everyone begins to countdown from three. The tension builds.

They hit “one” and the father starts the truck. But then something unexpected happens — the truck starts moving forward!

At that point, whether the baby was a boy or girl was put on the back burner. Everyone was just hoping the father would accidentally kill himself or lose the family vehicle.

The father desperately tries to stop his truck from running away and into the water during a gender reveal gone terribly wrong (photo via YouTube)

The father gets dragged a few feet by the truck, hanging out the window. He desperately tries to turn off the engine. The truck slowly inches forward.

Fortunately, the truck hit a tree and stopped moving. 

“Oh, Michael!” someone yells in fright.

Check out the full video below and don’t do this at home (or anywhere else for that matter):

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