The Duck Dynasty clan would be proud of this redneck — he invented a creative (and hilarious) way to escape the cops.

  This redneck found a ridiculous and hilarious way to hide from the cops (photo via Darrel Comer/ Youtube) One redneck guy came up with one of the best way to hide from the authorities and gave everyone else a good belly laugh in the process. 

He grabbed a piece of duct work — you know, that silver tubing — it’s explained how it works in the below video.

“If you’re running from the cops, you always gotta take some duct work with you,” he says.

He then takes off, running away from the camera. As he does this, he throws the duct work over his head, covering his entire body, then leans against a wall. If you didn’t see him do this, you’d think he were a ventilation unit. As long as he stays completely still, you (or the police) wouldn’t give it a second look.

The men behind the camera, of course, burst out laughing, as you probably will when you watch it.

This may remind you of the time Uncle Si made a homemade pool in the bed of his truck. It was on a hot, hot day in Louisiana. The guys in the duck room at Duck Commander were getting sweaty.

He put a tarp in the bed of someone’s truck and filled the whole thing with water. Thus, creating an above-ground pool — redneck style. This is the epitome of Uncle Si’s saying: “Work hard, nap hard.” 

Leave it to rednecks to come up with some super creative DIY stuff, whether it’s hiding from the cops or cooling off on a hot summer day.

Check out Uncle Si talking about working hard and napping hard (and chilling in the home made pool) below:

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