The Reason Missy and Jase Robertson Spent The Day With Tim Tebow’s Dad


Sounds a bit random- Missy Robertson wrote a blog post about Tim Tebow’s dad. However, when you realize that the pair both share a love for God, it starts to make a little more sense.

Missy, Jase Robertson, and Bob Tebow

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Each year Tim Tebow hosts a celebrity golf tournament for his foundation. The Tim Tebow foundation benefits sick and fatally ill children. At the golf tournament guests can pay to come and watch celebrities (like Missy and Jase Robertson) play a round of golf. The money goes towards children’s medical treatments. The kids and their families are also invited to come a take part in the day.

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Missy Robertson enjoyed the experience so much that she felt compelled to write a blog post all about it. In the article she describes being inspired by not Tim Tebow, but his dad. Bob Tebow was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. However, despite his pain, he spent the entire day greeting, bending over, and embracing the sick children. Missy wrote, “I got the feeling that I witnessed only a glimpse into a life that portrays gratefulness each and every day.  In between these moments of verbal gratefulness, he shared spiritual nuggets of wisdom with Jase and me, all while showing outward signs of weakness as he shook from his Parkinson’s.”

A Heart Of Gratefulness

As always, Missy and Jase Robertson wanted to share their experience to better encourage others. Missy hopes her fans will start to express gratefulness more often in their lives. She wrote, “Mr. Bob understands that even though his body is deteriorating and shaking from Parkinson’s Disease, he will use every moment he has left on this earth to do his part in strengthening the kingdom of God.”

Missy also shared that she is most grateful for her marriage to Jase Robertson. Meeting Tim Tebow’s dad inspired her to look around at her own life and realize all that she has been blessed with. She wrote, “For better or worse, through trials or down easy street, beard or no beard. I’ve learned to be thankful in all circumstances.”