Is There Really Another Leader Being Cast for Season 7 of The Walking Dead?


Season 7 of the Walking DeadSomething interesting could be happening in the Walking Dead Universe.

Rumors have sprouted of a potential candidate being cast as a new leader in the Walking Dead. If you missed the trailer for Season 7 or haven’t read the comic books, King Ezekiel will be unveiled in the future episodes. He’s the dude with the Tiger, “Shiva” by his side who also runs The Kingdom.

Beside Ezekiel, we have Negan, Rick and Gregory.

Each of these leaders are awesome and respected in their own right. But they may not be enough for the fans of The Walking Dead. The Spoiling Dead Fans (Such a cool name), were recently heard saying that there may be a character by the name of Brion coming soon. This may be strange if you’re familiar with the Walking Dead Universe as Brion isn’t mentioned in the Walking Dead Comic Book ever. The Spoiling Dead Fans seemed to have a lot of information on Brion so clearly they’ve got it from somewhere.

According to the spoilers, Brion is sophisticated, educated and pokerfaced.

He has a superior air and always keeps his motives secret. There is one comic character who could fit the bill for Brion. Alpha, if he is introduced, he likely won’t be until Season 8 of the Walking Dead. Here’s the twist, Alpha is a powerful, female leader and a bit of a badass. She leads the group known as the Savage Whisperer who is currently battling the city of Alexandria. The possibility for her to be Brion is very realistic. Like Brion, Alpha is cool, calm and relaxed when it comes to showing her emotions and making her next move clear.

Season 7 The Walking DeadShe’s confident as can be but simply has learned to control and keep her emotions hidden a majority of the time.

A strong female leader could make for an awesome story line and would be awesome if you ask me. The Spoiling Dead Fans have been extremely careful as to not disclose the gender of the new leader if there really is one be cast. Anything is possible really, the wolves were never in the comics but similar characters did exist.

Some Spoiling Dead Fans believe that the new leader may be revealed in Season 7 of the Walking Dead, but we will have to sit on the edge of seats waiting. At this point in the series, I trust the decisions of the creators and believe that whatever they put in the show will be ideal for moving the series forward and keeping it fresh. Have you heard anything of this recent news about a new leader in Season 7 of the Walking Dead? If so, please leave your comments below and let us know. Then make sure to LIKE and SHARE on your favorite social media channels.


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