The Real Scientist of The Big Bang Theory: David Saltzberg

David Saltzberg science consultant for The Big Bang Theory by

One reason why we all love The Big Bang Theory is because of the science. Not only does it have entertainment value, but there’s a lot to learn from the series. Science is as important to the series as the actors themselves.  But why is the science in the show so important to viewers?  Just ask the show’s science consultant David Saltzberg.

The Brains Behind the Bang

David Saltzberg is as qualified as they come to be a science consultant.  Under his belt, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Princeton, a PHD in Physics from Chicago, and he did his post-doctoral at CERN in Europe. 

Currently, Dr. Saltzberg studies high-energy particle Physics as well as high-energy neutrino Astronomy at UCLA.  He also teaches full time at this school.  Whenever he gets the time between the studying and teaching, he works for The Big Bang Theory as their science consultant. 

Saltzberg to the Rescue!

So what does he actually do as a consultant?  According to Saltzburg, the writers for the show already know a lot about science.  He is mostly the back-up guy who makes sure everything is correct and up-to-date.

Sheldon showing Penny the whiteboard which was created by Saltzberg by

 The whiteboards in their apartment and offices are all his work.  Many scientific references in the show are shout-outs to real life current scientific events.  David is on set for most of the show filmings, to work on whiteboards and for spur of the moment changes.  The show is filmed in front of a live audience to help the writers determine if a joke will go over the heads of viewers or not.  If a joke does, then the writers will rewrite and consult Saltzburg to ensure it’s correct.

The jokes themselves are written by professionals.  Saltzburg is asked in most interviews if he has a hand in the comedy and he avidly denies it.  He claims that the field of comedy is a professional field in and of itself and so is better left to the professionals. 

The next time you watch The Big Bang Theory, make sure you keep an eye out for David’s work on the whiteboards!