With a few exceptions, most Disney princesses share a story that many little girls hope to one day emulate. They find their one true love and have the sort of fairy tale romance that most of us can only dream about. It’s the reason so many weddings feature a Disney theme. There’s a remarkable sense of fairy tale romance that lends itself so well to an event like a marriage.

A Disney Princess Photoshoot

One Minnesota couple wanted to combine their love for Disney and each other. They created a magical Disney princess photoshoot for their engagement photos.

Image Credit: FacebookImage Credit: Facebook

A Real-Life Fairytale Romance

Yolanda and Kayla Solseng met on the dating site Plenty of Fish. They bonded over a mutual love of the ABC show Once Upon a Time. “That show rewrites fairytales and this was our modern-day fairytale,” said Kayla. In March of 2014, they met in real life at a nightclub. They had an instant connection — love at first sight.

“Our connection was like none other,” Kayla said. “We then hung out every single day from that day on for the next three weeks. We couldn’t get enough of each other!”

Image Credit: FacebookImage Credit: Facebook

The couple dated for nine months. Then Yolanda moved to England for a while to study abroad. Kayla came to visit for the holidays. Rather than hang around in England, the two took a trip to Switzerland. After spending a day out skiing, Yolanda surprised Kayla with a gift. Kayla had written and illustrated a fairytale book about their relationship.

“At the end I asked Kayla, ’Will you be my happily ever after?’” Yalonda told Huffington Post. “Of course she said ‘yes’ and cried.”

Beauty and the Beauty

For their engagement photoshoot, Kayla and Yolanda went with a Disney princess theme. The photoshoot was at Romantic Moon Events Center in Glyndon, Minnesota. Kayla dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, while Yolanda wore Cinderella’s classic blue ballgown.

Kayla and Yolanda had their wedding on September 3. The couple’s marriage was also at the Romantic Moon Events Center.

Image Credit: FacebookImage Credit: Facebook

A Hope for the Future

The LGBT Facebook page Have a Gay Day shared the engagement photos and received an enthusiastic response. Over 9,000 people have shared the Facebook post. Over 18,000 people have liked it. Yolanda explained why the couple wants their photos and story to be shared:

“Gay marriage has been legalized in the U.S. for over a year and we hardly have gay or lesbian characters in children’s movies ― let alone them being main characters. Kids want to be the characters they grow up with but when none of the characters represent you, then you feel alone. I want our photos to be shown to kids and families as a way of saying it’s okay to be who you are. It’s okay to be with the person you love.” 

Here’s the message the couple posted alongside the photos on Facebook:

“This was put on by an amazing group. It started with an idea in my head and turned out better than I could imagine. We wanted to show others that two princesses can fall in love. I made the shoes and got Kayla in a dress which is a win for me. This showcases our geeky love and interest in Once Upon A Time. We had fun and laughed a lot. We had to beat the rain. Thank you to Tess Kirkland (our wedding planner) for setting up and taking down props. Thank you Erin Miller and Taylor Snyder for being my lovely photographers and creative editors. Thank you Roy for letting us use Romantic Moon Events Center.”

What do you think? Would you want a Disney Princess engagement photoshoot like Kayla and Yolanda?

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