Thousands Of Fans Want This Person To Die MORE Than Negan…


The Heapsters Deserve To Die

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Obviously, Rick (and everyone else) is ready to see Negan die, but now there’s a new enemy that didn’t exist before. Jadis and the Heapsters took a deal with Negan, which means they’re now no better than Negan’s Saviors.

When the series returns, the obvious move would be to start re-planning an attack on the Sanctuary, hopefully with Dwight’s help. They could follow through with a similar plan, seeing as Dwight knows the place inside and out.

But Rick just got shot in the gut, and the Heapsters ruined everything.

Jadis Makes Deal With Negan

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

From Jadis’ point-of-view, she saw that Negan had a much larger army, and Negan could give her more of…whatever it was that she wanted. For her, it seemed like the typical, “We take. We don’t bother…” approach to the entire event.

It looks like Rick, Daryl, and basically everyone else who matters is back on the “shoot first, ask questions later” mindset, so it would be nice to see those dumpster divers get taken out first.

Rick found them once, so he can likely do it again.

The Heapsters Will Betray Again

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There’s also a chance that Dwight could know the location of the Heapsters, assuming they’ll likely pick up and leave their current location. If they chose to stay at the dump, then Rick and the gang can easily take them out.

He also owes the guns back to Oceanside. That’s likely a non-issue, but Rick seems to try and keep his word as often as possible. While he did lose the Heapsters, he now officially has the Hilltoppers and the Kingdom on his side.

If the three communities team up, they’ll be able to find and kill the Heapsters. This may not be necessary, but if Negan offers them something they want, they will be another obstacle that needs to be removed.

Perhaps they can work Dwight’s original plan, but in reverse: take out the Heapsters, then the outposts, then the Sanctuary.

Do you think they should leave the Heapsters or kill them first?

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