We know a lot about what’s going to go down on the last three Big Bang Theory episodes. It seems like writers and producers are having fun bringing back some of their favorite guest stars. Not only will Ramona be back for the season finale…Zach is back too.

Image result for zack tbbtphoto by youtube.com According to reports, Penny’s ex-Zach will be making an appearance in the 22nd episode of Season 10. The official synopsis states, “Leonard isn’t thrilled when Penny considers taking a new job offered by her ex-boyfriend, Zack (Brian Thomas Smith), on The Big Bang Theory.”

Penny and Leonard have definitely been having issues recently. They had to draw up a relationship agreement when Penny felt they’d lost their romance. They also fought about inviting Penny’s brother to come stay with them. Leonard’s mother even pointed out that inviting in Raj may be a distraction from their marital issues.

Image result for zack tbbtphoto by 2paragraphs.com

Will Zach push this pair over the edge? Zach Johnson first appeared in The Lunar Excitation. He and Penny got married in Las Vegas. However, neither of them realized that the wedding was legitimate, making them actually still married in real life. They thankfully had the marriage annulled, after Leonard and the gang informed them Las Vegas weddings do in fact count.

Penny’s Ex-Zach Is Comedy Gold

We’re excited that Penny’s ex, Zach‘s back because he’s just downright funny. We’d say his most endearing trait is that he has absolutely no idea when Sheldon or any other characters are outwardly making fun of him. He just lets it brush right by and is happy in all of his ignorance and bliss.

Our favorite Zach quote? “That’s what I love about science. There’s no one right answer.”


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