Raj and Isabella: or as my camp calls it – Rajbella.

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The recent Big Bang Theory episode threw in a dynamic I don’t think I’ve seen in a while: a complex relationship dynamic. I’m just kidding, that’s practically the DNA to this show. Though joking aside, there was something a bit more special about “The Brain Bowl Incubation:” Raj was interested in a Cuban cleaning woman, Isabella. If Raj and Isabella are going to be a thing, The Big Bang Theory is certainly the kind of show for it.

Though he’s generally played for gags and often the guy who’s “forever alone,” I genuinely hope season ten of Big Bang Theory pursues this. I’ve got several reasons for why I really want a Raj and Isabella relationship.

How scandalous. For a nerd.

The first is that, on its own, it’s a lovely multicultural dynamic you don’t see often. An Indian man and a Cuban woman, both from incredibly different backgrounds, belief systems, and heck, even age. She’s a hard working single mother of one, he’s an aloof intellectual lay-about from a wealthy background. Recent memory doesn’t serve where a show as popular as this gave us such a different coupling potential like Raj and Isabella.

Challenging? Yes

Would it be challenging? Yes. And that’s my second point. Raj trying to make it work with a woman so different from him not only escalates him beyond “the friend that wisecracks a few times,” but it solidifies this show as a great representation of complex relationships. I mean let’s not kid ourselves, 3 minutes into episode one has Leonard awkwardly stumbling about trying to win the affections of Penny; the whole premise of this show is “who will end up with who” with nerd comedy to shake it up. If it’s going to do that, it should go the extra mile.

Let’s go out with a “bang.”

This is a big moment for Big Bang Theory. My third point here is that this show has made it to season ten, the glorious double digit that cements a series as one of the greats. Will it go on longer? I’m sure. But in the meantime, for such an accomplishment, it has the ability to be something greater than an easygoing comedy. Push the envelope I say! Go all the way! Make Raj and Isabella a legitimate couple, with all the trials, difficulties, and compromises within. Force Raj to make hard choices. Don’t just slide this potential pairing back to the drawing board of one-off gags!

I’ll have to wait and see what the future holds, but you can be sure I’ll follow up should the writers surprise me.

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