Raise Your Kids The Robertson Way And Never Have To Worry About Them Again!


These days raising a child can be a difficult challenge. There are so many ways a parent can go wrong- how much is too much social media? Is this the right school for them? Where should they go to college? Here’s the Robertsons’ number one parenting tip that’s sure to help you raise those kids right, so you won’t have to worry about them in the future.

Start REALLY Early

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Willie Robertson says the best parenting advice he can share is to “start early.” Start what early, you ask? Start with discipline, before your kids can even talk. Willie says this one crucial thing has made a huge difference in his and his children’s lives.

He explained, “I’m kind of a laid back dad to be honest. But at two and three and four at that point, that’s where the training is coming in, and teaching them to obey, and you know it’s for their own good.” Because Willie laid down the iron fist from a young age, he now feels he can sit back and relax. If you raise respectful school aged children, you’ll be able to enjoy a more symbiotic relationship when they’re teens. 

Korie agrees. She added, “You start thinking about it when they’re babies. Like how do I want my two-year-old to be when she’s 18? It’s thinking about what kind of adult do you want your children to be? And a lot of prayer, and giving it to God.”

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