(SPOILERS REVEALED) Here’s EVERYTHING That Happened In “New Best Friends”…


The Saviors Are Angering King Ezekiel

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After an explosive “Rock in the Road,” the next episode of The Walking Dead was equally intense. In “New Best Friends,” we got to see a lot more Daryl Dixon and Rick decapitated the toughest walker he’s ever faced.

The episode opened with another supply exchange between the Saviors and the Kingdom. Like last time, the King appeared with Morgan, Benjamin, and Richard. Also like last time, Richard and one of the Saviors butted heads.

This led to Morgan losing Eastman’s staff and Richard losing his gun.

Richard’s Plan Of Attack On The Saviors

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Back at the Kingdom, Daryl Dixon called out Morgan for not stepping up when Rick was granted an audience with King Ezekiel. Afterward, Richard took a liking to Daryl and asked for some help with a mission against the Saviors.

Richard’s plan was to attack two of the Savior’s vehicles on the open road. Daryl was behind him until Richard revealed that he would be leaving evidence for future Saviors to find their way to a mysterious woman who they would pin it on.

This, of course, turned out to be Carol Peletier. Daryl stopped his plan.

Rick’s “New Best Friends” In The Dump

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Back at the fan-named “Garbage Pail Kids” headquarters, Rick told their “New Best Friends” that they belonged to the Saviors. After some negotiating, the dump leader tossed Rick into a pit to fight a walker with a metal head and knives poking out of it.

Rick eventually killed the walker and climbed out of the pit. While speaking with the leader, Rick agreed to deliver guns if they would help him fight Negan in the near future. They came to an agreement.

At the end of the episode, Daryl knocked on Carol’s door. The two embraced and caught up over cobbler. Carol started to cry and asked what happened to everyone after the Saviors arrived. Daryl chose to lie to Carol and said everyone was fine.

Back at the Kingdom, Morgan and Daryl had their differences and Daryl left.

What was your favorite part of this new episode? Daryl’s Fight? Rick’s Fight?

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