This article is in direct relation to a previously written article. So, if you’ve already read my article on Leonard and Penny’s “second” wedding photo, here’s some more information. If you haven’t read that article, I suggest that you go do that so you are up to speed.

CBS has just released additional photos to the wedding photo on their website. These photos are screenshots from the first episode of the upcoming season ten. The first episode is called “The Conjugal Conjecture.” With the premiere of this episode just five days away (as of the 13th), this is big news!

If you head on down to the CBS website, to see the pictures, here’s what you should expect. Penny looking annoyed while Leonard’s mom enters the apartment. An awkward looking moment between Penny, Leonard, Sheldon, and Beverly. Perhaps Leonard might finally find out about this kiss between Sheldon and his mom? That may make things awkward for Amy too.

There’s also an interesting photo of Raj and Howard. Howard is on the phone, while Raj appears to be quite hysterical. I wonder what brought that on. Though Howard looks very happy about this mysterious phone call.

Sheldon’s dad and Leonard’s mom also return from their scandalous adventure. But things look quite awkward in the photo. However, Leonard does get to share a tender moment with his own father. Sheldon’s mother, Mary, will also make an appearance in the premiere episode.

Amy looks to be very excited about the “re-wedding.” Of course, she probably wanted the chance to see her “bestie,” Penny, in her wedding gown. However, tensions will rise between Penny’s mother, father, and brother. After all, we do know that Penny’s brother has a checkered past with drugs.

One of the writers of the Big Bang Theory has stated that Penny and her father are quite close. This can be seen from the promotional photo of the two of them happily clinking drinks. It looks like Sheldon’s mom might also have some big news to reveal. Or she might just be telling someone off.

In a touching photo of Leonard and Penny at the isle, we can see that Bernadette is going to be one to marry them. Even Stuart the Comic Guy is there shedding tears. Of course, Penny and Leonard will have a proper wedding photo this time around.

From the looks of things, it looks like we will have a very good premiere episode to look forward to. The photos are beautiful and CBS really got on board to cast very talented actors and actresses to play Penny’s family. The writers and all those involved with the show probably wanted this episode to be special.

Not only because of Leonard and Penny’s second wedding, but maybe because there is a possibly that this might be the final season. Be sure not to miss the season ten premiere of the Big Bang Theory on September 19th. Maybe we’ll even get to find out what Penny’s maiden name is!

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