Phil Robertson’s Latest Political Endorsement Might Shock You…


Phil Robertson no longer appears on network television, but he still has a large and growing following on the internet. He’s hoping that large audience will take notice as he endorses John Warren for the Governor of South Carolina. Here’s what the Duck Dynasty alum had to say about the politician, and why some fans are shocked by the endorsement.

Phil Robertson’s Political Endorsement

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Phil Robertson’s political endorsement is coveted by all major conservatives across the nation. As a celebrity with a large and loyal following, politicians know that people want to hear what Phil Robertson has to say. They want to know who Phil thinks is a good man for the job. They mostly want to know if Phil thinks he’s a believer.

Phil gave his endorsement to John Warren last week. In a TV ad circling the internet, Phil said, “All you South Carolina duck hunters and fishermen, and the ones that live by your Bibles, Warren is your man to run the great state of South Carolina. Better get some Godly men in there. Men who are unafraid to take a stand on what’s right.”

Warren Was Ecstatic

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Of course, John Warren and his entire team were delighted to have the Duck Commander creator’s endorsement. Warren said, “Nobody speaks as clearly as Phil Robertson and I’m excited to have his endorsement… Phil is a man of strong Christian faith and an unyielding advocate for the unborn and our gun rights.  His support for our campaign clearly communicates to the people of South Carolina that I will be a fearless, consistent defender of the second amendment and the unborn.”

However there are some who doubt that statement…

Warren Has Been Accused Of Being Pro-Choice

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Some fans were surprised to hear Phil Robertson supporting Warren. After all, he has been accused of voting for and supporting pro-choice democrats in the past. One of Warren’s opponents, Catherine Templeton, told her voting base that he’s also interested in increasing gun control.

Perhaps Warren is hoping that a strategic endorsement from Phil will eradicate these accusations. Phil has said in the past that abortion laws are his NUMBER ONE interest when it comes to choosing politicians. He said, “If the dude or woman is for ripping human fetuses out of their mother’s womb, don’t ever vote for that. Don’t ever say ‘yes’ to that. It’s terrible.”

Phil, and the rest of the Robertson family, believe that abortion is murder. Phil told his CRTV viewers, “that bunch, the politically correct crowd, have slaughtered 55 million fetuses in their mother’s wombs. So what does our government do? We legislate murder. That’s what abortion is.” He also doesn’t buy into the idea that abortion is a women’s health issue. He explained, “And not only that, all these people talk about women’s rights and all of this stuff, all of these little girls that are killed.  Well, it’s a women’s health issue. And you’re like, a woman’s health issue? Half of those women you’re killing are girls, are little baby girls. I mean, what about their health? It’s just evil.”

He Wants Christians To Vote

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Phil also believes that a huge part of the problem in America today is Christians not voting. He said, “There are about 90 to 100 million of us who claim Jesus. The problem is only half of you register to vote and out of the half of you that registers to vote, only half of that group actually goes and votes. Therefore, when you’re looking up there and griping and complaining about what you see in Washington D.C., you might as well shut up. The reason they’re there is we’re putting them there. If you don’t get anything else out of this, remember this — register to vote for crying out loud.”

John Warren isn’t the first conservative political candidate Phil has endorsed…

Phil Robertson’s Endorsement For Roy Moore

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Last year Phil Robertson came under fire for endorsing Roy Moore, the republican Alabama senate candidate who was accused of sexual assault and harassment by multiple underage girls. 

Before the accusations were made, Phil had endorsed the Republican man and called him a good Christian man. Phil said, “I have been an admirer for some time of Judge Roy Moore. He judged with a good understanding of the constitution and the law, but he also understands natural law and who gave us our rights to begin with, Almighty God. Roy Moore will stand up for truth and what’s right, no matter who opposes him, and that is sorely needed in Washington DC. I fully endorse his run for the senate and pray for he and his family.”

After news broke of the allegations against Moore, Robertson went silent. There was never a statement from the Duck Dynasty man about the accusations, however he also did not defend his former endorsement at all.

Gun control, and abortion are not the only things Phil is worried about when choosing a political candidate…

He Doesn’t Want Universal Health Care

Though Phil worries FIRST and foremost about a candidate’s pro-life stance, he’s also interested in their views on health care. While endorsing Republican Roy Moore last year, Phil went on a tangent about how unnecessary health care is.

He said to a rally crowd, “I didn’t have any kind of health insurance for 50 years. None. You say ‘did your family have health care insurance? Your mama and daddy and your kin folks?’ We never heard of that. You say ‘well what if something had happened?’ It didn’t.”

He also specifically does not want any type of universal health care. He believes the system will bankrupt the country further. Phil said, “They’re going to take your money, to try to make sure 325 million people have health care insurance… We’re already twenty trillion in the hole.”

He’s More Concerned About Faith

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Phil then added the most Phil Robertson-like statement ever. He said, “Look, you know why you shouldn’t get too concerned about Obamacare, or whatever they replace it with if they replace it? You know why you shouldn’t get all excited? Alabama, any kind of healthcare you get it’s not going to keep you out of a six foot hole… Well if we all going into a six foot hole anyway, with or without health care? They may could slow it down maybe and give you a few more years. You say ‘the dude is saying I’m going to die.’ Therefore, why don’t you all invest in eternal health care?”

Overall, Phil just wants Americans to choose candidates who are conservative, and God-fearing. Would you ever vote for someone solely based on Phil Robertson’s endorsement?