Phil Robertson Tried To Convert President Trump


Everywhere Phil Robertson goes, he’s spreading the Good News. Even if he happens to run into President Donald Trump.

Phil Robertson and Donald Trump had a deep, spiritual conversation (source: Conservative Tribune)

It’s sort of like Phil is walking around in the dark with a flashlight. And after Trump and company invited Phil to a meeting, and Phil brought his torch. 

What they didn’t discuss was the presidential campaign. Instead, Phil redirected the conversation to more spiritual things.

“(I discussed) God becoming flesh,” Phil said. “Dying for the sins of the world, and, in his case, I said, ‘Dying for your sins, Donald, all of them, I figure there’s a lot — what do you think?’” 

Phil even used drawings to help explain it. Any way to get the news out.

“I wrote it in symbols, an arrow coming down out of heaven… God becoming flesh, a cross, where Jesus took away the sins of the world,” Robertson said.

Phil said Trump studied the symbols closely, taking in all the info…

Phil made sure President Trump heard his message loud and clear (via Twitter)

Phil had drawn the basics of the Good News.

Phil tells people about Jesus wherever he goes (source: Life 88.5)

“He was just looking at the symbols — a tomb where they put (Jesus) and three days later an arrow coming out of the tomb, and him going to sit down at the father’s right hand,” Phil said.

Trump then asked Phil if he could take the drawings with him. Phil, of course, said yes.

“Mr. Trump has heard the gospel from my lips,” he said. “I owed him that. I loved him enough to tell him.”

And it’s possible President Trump became a Christian that day. He definitely did some deep thinking during and after that conversation.

“He didn’t disagree with me,” Phil said.


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