Phil Robertson isn’t holding back. The outspoken Duck Dynasty alum is starting his new television show and seems to have on agenda. He’s taking liberals head-on.

Phil Robertson’s Show Aims At Liberals

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Phil In The Woods will air on CRTV, a new streaming network. He’s aiming at liberals and Democrats and intends to challenge them head-on. He stated by asking the Democratic party, “Do y’all love Jesus? The reason I’m asking you, Democratic Party, is I’ve never heard you say one way or the other. Do you love him? And I’m waiting on an answer.”

Phil takes a bold step by calling out an entire party. Many celebrities fear they will annihilate part of their fan base. However, Phil probably realizes the majority of his fans are conservative. He has no problem calling out people who critique him regularly. Secondly, Phil said that he’s returning to television to voice his often unpopular opinions. Furthermore, he hates censorship and is taking back his voice. Plus, he isn’t here to keep up appearances. 

The Network

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The network giving Phil his voice is a new type of entertainment company. Conservative Review Television’s website states, “Let’s face it: Cable TV sucks. It’s overpriced, and you’re paying for tons of anti-American programming that you’ll never watch. CRTV is an all-digital, conservative network, distributed over the internet to all of your favorite devices.”

Customers pay 79.99 a month to gain access to the networks all-conservative shows. The channel is smart to bring Phil on their network. 

Phil has gained significant success through Duck Dynasty. The show had a following unlike any other and appeared on the A&E network for many years.

 Secondly, many Duck Dynasty fans are anxiously awaiting a Robertson come back. This is the return to television they’ve been waiting for. 

Plus, Phil Robertson seems to know he’s good entertainment. He told the crowd, “Can you imagine what you would hear if you gave me an hour?” 

We certainly can.

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