Phil Robertson Says A Woman Isn’t Happy Unless She Has This One Thing


This might look like a boring video of Phil Robertson preparing for duck hunting season.

It might just look like a few guys building a duck hunting station on the water.

And, well, that’s exactly what it is. Yes, it’s a short video of a millionaire and his friends building a place for them to shoot flying animals. But it’s also much, much more than that.

If you watch until the end, you’ll get a glimpse into Phil Robertson’s worldview. You’ll get a nugget of his marriage advice, buried within a YouTube video.

Kay Robertson
Jep, Kay, and Phil Robertson (source:

“Everybody needs to get ‘em a woman like Miss Kay,” Phil says about his wife right after complimenting her cooking skills.

But why, Phil? Why should single guys strive to marry a woman with characteristics like the matriarch of Duck Dynasty?

Duck Dynasty wedding
Phil has some advice for how to get and keep a good woman by your side (source: The Gospel Herald)

“She treats me like a king,” he continues. “I make sure we get plenty of ducks and put that long green in her pocket.”

And that brings us to that one thing — the one thing that Phil says your woman needs or else you’re in for an unhappy life. The key to a successful heterosexual relationship.

“There’s one constant I’ve figured out,” he says. “When the money plays out, the next thing to go is your woman. You gotta put that green in their pocket, or they’re not happy.”

And as we know, Phil’s got plenty of that “long green” for Miss Kay.

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