The One Man You Would Never Expect To Be Baptized By Phil Robertson


Phil Robertson has baptized over 300 people. However, perhaps the most notable would be Donald Trump. Phil just offered to dip the President in the holy water- will he accept?

Phil Robertson’s Message

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Phil Robertson is spending his days post-Duck Dynasty preaching and speaking with many people in many venues. His message is usually the same- he believes there is no better alternative to Christianity.

Phil boldly stated, “I’ve read em all. Anything come close to this? Not even close. If  you’re an atheist, do you have a better idea on how you can escape the grave than the resurrection of Jesus Christ?”

It seems Phil’s preaching tactic is to point out that this story give humanity the best option. He continued, “It’s the only way I know of any of us are going to escape. If there is no God folks we’re never coming out of the ground, ever.”

This is the sort of thing Phil felt he was being held back from saying while filming Duck Dynasty. He said, “I just know when we did the Duck Dynasty thing since the sponsors were there, if the sponsors didn’t like something yours truly had to say, especially about spiritual matters, well the sponsors will just pull out.” Now he’s happy to be able to say exactly what’s on his mind- and that’s usually Jesus and the resurrection.

Baptizing President Trump

Finally, Phil offered something huge. He said, “When old Phil here met Mr. Trump earlier. You say what did Phil do?” Phil says he drew an arrow on a piece of paper with a tomb and a cross. Phil claims to have said to the President, “Donald, don’t miss this. I said we need God on our side. I was just trying to give him some encouraging words.”

He added, “If you really want to see something wild, I said film it Donald, film me baptizing you. I said the left wingers will literally go crazy, and the evangelicals will swarm you like a might throng. Because then we would know, we have God on our side.”

What do you think Phil Robertson’s motive was for offering to baptize President Trump? Do you think that will ever happen?