1Phil Robertson came from a big family (6 siblings!), yet he was not overshadowed. 

Phil Robertson did not give up on his dream of making the best duck call ever (source: The Gospel Herald)

In high school, Phil was the starting quarterback, ahead of four-time Super Bowl champion Terry Bradshaw.

“Terry went for the bucks, and I chased after the ducks,” Phil had said.

Phil went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a master’s in Education. As he spent many years teaching in Louisiana schools, he never gave up duck hunting. After all, he had grown up hunting the fowl.

Phil was never happy with the duck calls available in his time. So, like any good inventor, he starting trying to make his own call, one that would sound exactly like a duck. He wanted to make a duck call that you could use for hunting, not “world champion-style duck callers,” as he called them.

“Miss Kay,” Phil said to his wife, “find me a place down on the river. You know what I’m going to do? I’m not going to teach school anymore…

“But you see this thing right here? That’s a duck call. You see that? This is the only one I have, but it’s unique — sounds just like a duck. And I’m gonna figure out a way to build that and sell that.”


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