What Phil Robertson Says About ‘Eternal Healthcare’ Is Right On The Money


Phil Robertson recently spoke at a Roy Moore rally. He shared his opinion on Universal health care and health insurance. While some of his points were on-base, fans were quick to point out that he was making a mockery of a very serious subject.

Phil Robertson’s Take On Health Care

It’s quite obvious Phil Robertson is against universal health care. The Duck Dynasty patriarch opened his Roy Moore rally speech saying, “Health care, big debate, Alabama. For the United States Government, they’re going to take your money to try to make sure 325 million people have health care insurance. We’re already 20 trillion in the hole…”

Many of Phil’s fans agree with him. They don’t think Universal health care, Obamacare, or any type of Health care provided by the government is sustainable or economical. Some also believe it to be immoral. However, what Phil said next is what people took offense to.

“Look, I didn’t have any kind of health insurance for 50 years,” Phil said. He laughed at this revelation. “We never heard of that,” he went on. “You say, ‘well what if something had happened?’ It didn’t!” Phil delivered this information as if he was performing a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch. 

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Basically, Phil Robertson is laughing off the fact that he and his family have been incredibly blessed and lucky to never need major medical care. However, many families rely on health insurance when tragedy strikes. Newly approved cancer drugs can cost $10,000 a month. Most families, who don’t have a Duck Commander business growing exponentially, can’t afford that. Without health insurance a simple diagnosis can change their whole world for the worse.

Health Care Is Important

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Phil seemed hell bent that health care isn’t important because it can’t take you to heaven. “Any kind of health care you get, it’s not going to keep you out of a six foot hole… If we’re all going into a six foot hole anyway, with or without health care… they slow it down maybe, they give you a few more years they say.” He then suggested, “Why don’t you all invest in eternal health care, it’s already been paid for.”

Though we see Phil’s point, we can’t help but notice the absurdity. Is he suggesting all Christians swear off modern medicine, and just wait to die so they can go to heaven? It really doesn’t make much sense. We wonder what the rest of Phil Robertson’s family, who we assume do have health insurance and doctor visits, would have to say about this.