As Chairman of Fight For The Court, Phil Robertson is doing his job well. He recently weighed in on the new nominee for Supreme Court.

Phil Robertson will defend the United States Constitution no matter what it takes (source: President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch for the empty seat in the Supreme Court, and the confirmation hearings have begun. Republicans need 60 votes to confirm Gorsuch.

With this in mind, Phil appeared in a Facebook video to say what he thinks of the situation. 

“He knows his job is to uphold the Constitution, not change it,” Phil says in the video. He also talked about Gorsuch’s will to protect life and uphold the First and Second Amendments.

Phil replaced Dr. Ben Carson as the Chairman for Fight for the Court, a movement to establish “a Court made up of justices who will respect the original meaning of our Constitution instead of legislating from the bench like a bunch of politicians.”

If confirmed, Gorsuch would fill the seat previously held by Justice Antonin Scalia who died about one year ago. 

“Do not let us down at this critical time in our history,” Phil continues. “We’re trying to save the country.”

Ever since he became chairman of FFTC, Phil has encouraged Americans to stand up for what’s right.

“Let’s all fight this battle together, let’s march forward, let’s be vigilant,” he says. “And if God is for us, who can be against us.”

People on Facebook were in full support of the Duck Dynasty father.

Phil is pleading with Senate to confirm President Donald J. Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court (Source: The Huffington Post)


“Thanks for standing up and speaking out Phil!” one commenter said. “Christians must arise, stand firm, and support Gorsuch. Please pray our country can return to decency and normalcy.”

Fight away, Phil. Fight away.

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