Phil Robertson’s Comment About Modern Technology Will Blow You Away


Phil Robertson hates all things modern and techno. He’s gone so far as to say the country was better off without paved roads. Do you agree with the Duck Dynasty patriarch, who doesn’t even own a cell phone?

Phil Robertson Hates Technology

Phil Robertson does NOT like technology. While his sons may have all the latest gadgets and toys, the patriarch of the Robertson family prefers to keep things as simple as possible. He doesn’t even own a phone.

It’s pretty ironic that a man who is ALL over the internet, has never looked up a single thing on Google. Phil Robertson has admitted he doesn’t own a laptop or a phone, and he’s never used the internet on his own. He said, “Here’s the deal, cell phones, not for me. You look at these kids today…I’m not the cell phone type. Cell phones? nope. Internet? nope. Nintendo? no. That high tech stuff will just get you so far…shut it down turn it off…”

However, Phil has realized the internet is good for ONE thing- spreading the Gospel. If it has to exist, he hopes it’s being used for this one mission. He didn’t even realize that when he speaks at events attendees will film him and post his message. He said, “I speak to a thousand, but somebody takes that speech, puts it on the internet…this speech 275,000…I was wondering where it was all coming from, a lot of it’s on the internet with out me even knowning…I’ve never even turned a computer on.”

He Doesn’t Even Like Paved Roads

Of course we all have an elderly relative or friend who hates cell phones or the internet. However, Phil takes his aversion for modern day amenities a bit further. He recently admitted he misses his city’s old dirt roads. He said, “We were perfectly happy with dirt roads. We’ll get across the creak…I don’t need the government to build me a bridge to get to where I’m going. We’ll get across the creak, just get back out of the way and watch.”

Do you agree with Phil Robertson? Was the world better before modern day improvements were made?