Phil Didn’t Know The Cameras Were On When He Did This…


When is the last time you drove 20 hours to get somewhere? One man drove that distance to see Phil Robertson, and what he did in return was remarkable.

Phil Robertson
A fan of Phil’s drove over 20 miles to see him in Louisiana, and the way Phil responds is astounding (source: Ryan Mickley)

Brian Richards from New Jersey took that long drive just to see Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson. It was to see the reality star and get his autograph, wasn’t it?

Wrong. It wasn’t that at all. It was for a much more respectable reason.

When someone becomes a Christian, it causes them to do unexpected things. In Richards’ case, he made the radical decision to drive for over 20 hours just to get baptized, and he wanted Phil to do the honors.

That’s an example of sacrificing for God.

“From New Jersey, I can count on one hand the people I met from New Jersey,” Robertson said while he and Richards stood in front of the church, a familiar spot for Phil. He was about to publicly baptize Richards with everyone in the congregation as witnesses (as it should be).  

Watch the short introduction below:

But then something remarkable happens.

Phil and Richards get in the church’s baptismal and prepare to metaphorically wash Richards clean. Phil explains the enormity of what’s about to happen — the following few minutes will change Richards’ life.

“You are now going to die to sin,” Phil told Richards. “You’re going to be buried — the old you — and the new one will come forth. God will seal you with his spirit and you will be guaranteed to be raised from the dead one day and live forever. Good news, you know?”

And then it happens. Phil pulls a “John The Baptist” and dunks his brother in Christ…

Watch the full baptism below:

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