I had to share this story I came across because it is so ridiculous. Recently, Phil Robertson delivered a speech at NASCAR. The speech drew the attention of a group of Jesus bashing liberals. Phil was giving a sermon at a NASCAR event when he requested to place a, “Jesus-Man in the White House.”

The speech was given pre-race on April 8th at the Texas Motor Speedway’s, Duck Commander 500. It was a great race along with the speech. During his speech. Phil said, “I pray father that we put a Jesus man in the White House.” He then prayed and said, “Help us do that and help us all to repent, to do what is right, to love you more and to love each other. In the name of Jesus, I pray, amen.”

More Information On Phil Robertson Delivered a Speech at NASCAR

Phil rehearsed the Bible, talked about guns and his love for the United States. He praised the U.S. Military and our troops across the sea. He did what any good, loving, church-going, Christian man would.

Unfortunately, the Duck Commander’s speech didn’t go over so well with Liberals. His from the heart speech, caused a widespread buzz across a range of Media channels. The channels went on to blow the story out of proportion to the point of public combustion.

Everybody from sport commentators to journalist took advantage of the situation to take shots at Phil. He was called an “unapologetic bigot” by Deadspin and a “duck call indsustrialist.”

The press accused the Duck Dynasty head of household of pushing his own beliefs and agenda. Then they accused NASCAR of allowing the sport to be clouded with politics. An Orlando Sentinel was heard to say, “NASCAR doesn’t need Phil Robertson’s prayers.”

People took it to the extreme saying the fans of NASCAR would not accept a speech given about gun control or the Koran. They even remarked how unacceptable it would be to talk about a women being placed in the White House. The assumptions they made were that anyone who loved Phil would throw a fit if any of these topics were discussed.

Phil Robertson Delivered A Speech at NASCAR in Conclusion

phil-robertson-delivered-a-speech-at-nascarHow do they know what would happen? There’s an old saying about making assumptions. I won’t get into it, but you probably know it. The story then turned from Phil to whether or not religion should be allowed in NASCAR. First they complain about religion in schools, then on campus and now in NASCAR. Soon it will be forbidden to discuss Jesus Christ in a Christian Church if the liberals get their way.

The bottom line is NASCAR is still most prevalent in Southern States where prayer is considered important. It’s part of the South, and many race fans were outraged by the Media’s disregard for so many people’s religious rights and beliefs. Not only did they shout against Phil Robertson, but they shamed the good Christians who watched NASCAR for praying to the Lord and Savior. As one man said, NASCAR without Jesus Christ would be like Biscuits without the Gravy. Most people obviously did not have a problem with Phil Robertson’s prayer at NASCAR. My opinion, the Media needs to lighten up and stop making such a big deal out of people displaying their faith in Jesus Christ.

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