Discover Phil Robertson’s Outstanding Proof Of Gender Inequalities


Right after International Women’s Day, Phil Robertson decided to post a controversial video point out what he thinks is the main difference between males and females. The Duck Dynasty patriarch also joked about the uses of a beard to a man.

Duck Dynasty Beards

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The Duck Dynasty beards are famous all over the world. They helped create a brand out of the Robertson men, who allegedly signed contracts stating they wouldn’t shave their faces during production. Phil Robertson has been sporting a long beard for years, and he’s proud of it.

Now, Phil is claiming to have proof that men and woman are different- and it’s all in the beard. He said in a new facebook video, “Hair. You say females, no hair on their face. Peach fuzz, and they pull that out, don’t like that. But men have this. Males. Characteristic of a male. There’s a difference. Just look.”

Phil uses the word “male” in a tone that suggests he’s proud to be a man. He’s proud of his facial hair, and he thinks there’s something special about being a man. What he says isn’t particularly controversial. It is true that most men naturally grow beards, and woman do not. However, his next statement had many social media users in uproar.

Phil Robertson’s Insults

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Phil Robertson has grandchildren. He has a beautiful and sweet wife, and four daughter in-laws. What would they have to say knowing that Phil places so much of their worth in their appearances? Phil continued his statement, saying, “You girls got something like that hanging off of you? What would you do with it? You wouldn’t look like much that’s for sure.”

Phil also alleges that a beard is great protection from the elements. He said, “That’s protection. No chapped lips. Ever. No cold sores. The neck’s warm, the face is warm.” He even joked, “Pancakes, you’ll taste em for a week. So you eat em for a week.”

Do you think Phil Robertson’s words are harmless, or do his implications send the wrong message to his many young granddaughters about their self worth and their image.