Phil Robertson Believes You Shouldn’t Pledge Allegiance To The Flag…?


Did Phil Robertson just call out the Pledge of Allegiance? Sort of. The Duck Dynasty patriarch disagree with Thomas Jefferson on this one major philosophy.

Phil Robertson On Pledging Allegiance

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Phil Robertson gave some pretty controversial sound bites to the Fox Business set earlier this week. The Duck Dynasty star appeared on the network to promote his new show Phil In The Woods, which will air on CRTV.

Phil’s new show has been promoted as a conservative reality series following Phil as he lives off the land and talks about his political and religious affiliations. The network states, “What does a man do when liberals try to run him out of town for quoting a Bible verse? He goes deep into the woods and starts a fire. Join Phil Robertson like you’ve never seen him before. No middlemen, no PC police — just truth, from Phil’s mouth to your screen.”

Perhaps Phil wanted to prove just how controversial he can be when speaking on Fox Business. The 71 year old man has said many things about the government in the past. However, this time he didn’t hold back his disdain for the organization. He said, “We just have to remember that God is the one who informs Governments of men. But it is God. According to Thomas Jefferson the Declaration of Independence gives us our rights. Life Liberty Pursuit of happiness, it’s God who gives us that. Not the government.”

Disagreeing With Thomas Jefferson

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Phil took it one step further, once again disagreeing with Thomas Jefferson. He said, “If you pledge your allegiance to the government, other than God, it is an adulterous hoax.” 

Those are some pretty harsh words, especially coming from the brother of a Vietnam veteran. We wonder what Si Robertson would have to say about Phil’s statement. We understand what he means, but it’s hard to hear your brother is denouncing the Government after you’ve sacrificed your life.

However, Phil did say he is still supporting Donald Trump- the leader at the highest level of our government. Phil explained, “I just looked at the alternative. He is the President of the United States. The people have spoken. I looked at his policies. I just don’t have a big beef with him.”

Are you offended by Phil Robertson’s words, or do you see where he’s coming from?