BREAKING: Phil Robertson Makes “Crazy” Claim On Sean Hannity…


Phil Robertson just called out all of America on its one problem.

Sean Hannity recently spoke with Phil Robertson about America’s biggest issue (credit the new york times)

He visited Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News to discuss the real issue in the United States. No, it’s not politics. It’s not money. It’s deeper than that.

“Y’all are what I call ‘political warriors,'” Phil told Hannity. “In my case, my view of it is a little [different] than yours is. I’m more into the spiritual part. The issue in America, in my opinion, is much larger than presidents, prime ministers, kings.”

He then unveils what he believes is the black heart of America, the ugliest blemish of all.

“The issue for us, in my opinion, is a spiritual one,” he said. “In other words, I don’t think it’s a political fix, [but] politicians can help.”

And regardless of who you supported for president, he reminds everyone that all leaders — even President Trump — are human. We can’t live forever.

“But you got to remember something,” Phil continued. “All men, Sean, are like grass and all their glory like the flowers of the field…”

Phil Robertson just put the spotlight on America’s worst blemish (via Twitter)

“The grass withers, the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever. We have a spiritual problem in America, Sean. That’s the crux of the matter — we’re weighed down…”

From left: “Torchbearer” director and producer Stephen Bannon, Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, and producer David Breitbart

This sounds like the language of Phil’s documentary, Torchbearer.  In this film, he states that things begin to go wrong “when you remove the God of the Bible from your conscience and you let men, mere men, determine what’s right and what’s wrong.” Phil lets the Bible help him decide how to live his life.

“Sean, depravity, in my lifetime, has become mainstream,” he said. “Depravity is mainstream.”

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