Penny And Her Mother-in-Law Bond

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Aside from Bernie and Howard learning the gender of the newborn, we got to see Penny and her Mother-in-Law bond in the most recent TBBT episode. The relationship, however, happened as a happy accident.

Penny answered her Mother-in-Law’s Skype call as Leonard ran out of the room. As usual, Penny tried to make small-talk which failed on the psychotherapist. “How are you?” asked Penny.

“Did you mean personally or professionally?” she responded.

“We’re Going To Be Real Girlfriends…”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Not surprisingly, Leonard’s mother gave Penny a little too much information about a man she just slept with. “To answer your anticipated questions: roasted pork and sideways missionary,” responded the mother-in-law with too much information.

Later in the episode, Penny’s Mother-in-Law calls again, but this time to speak with Penny. Not so surprisingly, she reveals that she doesn’t have too many girlfriends, so she would like to speak with Penny as a girlfriend.

“If we’re going to be real girlfriends, we should get a third girl we can trash behind her back,” said Penny with a glass/bottle of wine in front of her.

Leonard Jealous Over New Relationship, But…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Later in the episode, Leonard starts to get jealous of this new relationship. He even tells Penny that he married her to get back at his mother. Their bonding is starting to hurt his feelings.

Leonard tries to speak with Amy about the new relationship, but both end up discussing their own problems to no one in particular. Eventually, Leonard is fed up and has to confront his mother.

“Why aren’t you proud of me?” he asked. Leonard wonders why his mother can like Penny so much but disregard him. The fact that he’s asking means that he is growing as a character, but her answer gives him real strength.

“[Penny] is great. Honestly, of all of my children’s spouses, she’s the one that I’m most impressed by. She’s confident. She’s thoughtful and she never complained about you once.” She added, “I suppose she is [my favorite]. You married well.”

Through Penny, Leonard got the respect he always wanted from his mother.

What do you think of this hilarious relationship between Penny and her Mother-in-Law?

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