Unpopular Opinion: Penny and Bernadette Have The BEST Relationship On TBBT


We think Penny and Bernadette have the best relationship on TBBT. We love these two’s ability to tell it like it is. Move over Raj and Howard, these two are our ultimate friendship goals.

TBBT Friendships

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Leonard and Sheldon may be the oldest best friends on Big Bang Theory. Who knows why Leonard’s stuck around for as long as he has, but he has and we’re glad. Some would argue these two are the best friendship goals on TBBT. Others would say that’s ridiculous. Of course Raj and Howard have the strongest bond. These two are practically married, can finish eachother’s sentences, and genuinely care for one another. 

You  might disagree with both of these arguments. Perhaps Amy and Penny have the best relationship. After all their the least likely of friends, but the most adorable.

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