Penny and Amy are both characters on TBBT who have made complete transformations over the course of the show. However, they’ve almost done a complete role reversal, learning nearly opposite lessons in life.

Penny Is Tame, Amy Is Wild

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At the beginning of the series, Penny was a lost soul. She was pretty, unattached, and under-employed. She loved to drink, have fun, and shop. She also loved anything girly and was a little boy crazy.

When we met Amy Farrah Fowler in Season 3, she was a cynic against romantic relationships. She never wore makeup, wore drab clothes, and had almost no friends. She never took the time to have fun and didn’t even know what she wanted in a personal life.

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Fast forward seven years and Penny and Amy really have changed drastically. Perhaps friend groups tend to come towards the middle. Penny has become more like Amy, and Amy has become more like Penny.

Penny still wears makeup, and Amy still wears her glasses. But the two really do have different focuses in life now. Amy is a bit boy crazy. Let’s be honest- she focuses on her relationship with Sheldon a lot. There’s NOTHING wrong with that- she’s realized and been honest with herself about her emotional needs. It’s just a pretty crazy comparison when you think about how far she’s come.

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On the other hand, Penny rarely parties anymore, is married, settled down, and focuses heavily on her job. We even ended TBBT Season 10 with Penny wanting to take a step forward with her career.

Friends Help Each Other Grow

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The moral of the story?

The right people in your life can really help you grow. Penny helped Amy learn to embrace life and have a little fun. Amy helped Penny learn how to take her career seriously, and own her intelligence. We love how far these girls have come, and can’t wait to see where they go when TBBT Season 11 premieres in September.

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