There has been A LOT of gossips circulating about the contract negotiations that went down to CBS, Warner Brothers, and the cast of The Big Bang Theory. Now CBS CEO Leslie Moonves and Mayim Bialik are both trying to subtly put to rest those rumors.

The Truth About The Big Bang Theory Contract Negotiations

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Earlier this year many fans were worried The Big Bang Theory wouldn’t continue past season 10. It seemed the actors and network had been in negotiations forever, and there was no end in sight.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that the actors would each take a $100,000 pay cut to ensure Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch were given fair pay. Henry Schafer, a television expert, even noted of the cast members, “They are driving tune-in more than the storylines. You have strong negotiating power with this kind of evidence that demonstrates engagement with American TV viewers.” 

However, it seems the discourse might have just been assumed and didn’t happen. CBS CEO Leslie Moonves said, “I don’t think it was terribly trying…(Warner Bros. Entertainment CEO) Kevin (Tsujihara) and I met with the cast. We presented them with where the show was. We wanted to make this a happy experience.”

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So apparently things were pretty easy. Kaley Cuoco also recently expressed that the entire cast is on board to continue. She put to rest rumors that some major stars want to pull out after spending so long on a series. Kaley said, “Every single day, we’re shocked when we look at ratings…We’re shocked that the people still want to see us. We love being there, and you know, I don’t ever want it to end, but you know how it is.”

Mayim Shuts

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It Down

Perhaps the most telling of all was what Mayim Bialik had to say about the rumored “pay cuts” When asked about the rumors saying her cast mates took a loss for her, Mayim said, “You shouldn’t believe everything you read…” She continued saying, “I’m happy to report that we have a very cohesive cast and we all know that our strength is together. We all really love each other, we love going to work and we’re very excited to do two more seasons.”

What really happened is up to your interpretation. What do you think really went down behind closed doors at The Big Bang Theory contract negotiations?


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