Here’s A Rare Look Through The Hidden “Robertson Family Album” Over The Years…


The Robertson Kids

Duck Dynasty fans are feeling nostalgic as the end draws near. We remember Sadie Robertson’s first driving lesson with Uncle Si. We also remember when John Luke first opened the Snow Cone stand. Now they’re moving on to bigger things in this world, and following in their father’s entrepreneur footsteps. Here’s some throwback photos to remind you just how cute the Robertson kids were growing up.

John Luke and Sadie

Old photo of John Luke and Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty as kids
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John Luke and Sadie are often mistaken as twins on Duck Dynasty. John Luke is actually older. The siblings have remarkably similar dimples and were so adorable as children. Here they are playing together.

Happy Halloween

Old photo of Duck Dynasty's Kay Robertson with her grandchildren dressed up for Halloween
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Here’s a photo of Miss Kay helping her grandkids trick or treat. Sadie looks just darling in a Dorthy costume from the Wizard of Oz. Reed Robertson can be seen next to his grandmother, and John Luke is a little Elvis on the far left. We aren’t sure who’s under the other costume…but we bet it’s Cole Robertson accompanying his older brother.

Beardless Willie

Old photo of Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson without a beard with John Luke as Sadie as children
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Here’s a rare shot of beardless Willie Robertson. He’s holding his oldest children Sadie and John Luke as toddlers. They both look like absolute angels.

Bella And Phil

Bella and Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty
photo by

Here’s a photo of Bella Robertson and her grandfather Phil Robertson. Bella is one of the Robertson kids that has grown up before our eyes on Duck Dynasty. She started out as a young child and is now a young woman.

Sadie In 5th Grade

Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty in 5th grade
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Here’s a photo of Sadie from fifth grade. She has such a thick head of hair- those Robertson hair genes are great! 

Willie Jr.

Old photo of Duck Dynasty's Sadie and John Luke Robertson with baby brother Will
photo by

Here’s a photo of Will Robertson Jr’s first Christmas. Can you believe Sadie used to be so blonde? John Luke looks so cute mesmerized with his new baby brother.

Can you recognize the Robertson kids in these fun throwback photos?

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