Back in Season 6, when Dwight first met Daryl Dixon, he double-crossed him in order to save himself and Sherry.

Later, while Daryl had his crossbow aimed at the enemy, Dwight was able to sneak up on him and get the best of him.

  The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Norman Reedus said he was surprised to read that script, but he understood that Daryl was focused on his revenge, using his “heart” rather than his “mind.” This was the point Daryl first slipped up and he paid the price for it.


Reedus sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the scene.

Norman Reedus Talks Paying The Price

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“You know, that part really surprised me as well,” said the actor. “Sometimes you think with your heart rather than your mind, and you’re acting aggressively and you slip up when that happens. I think that was yet another moment Daryl slipped up. He paid the price.”

Daryl was angry that he had decided to help a stranger and that help ended up backfiring on him. He should have trusted his instincts, but he wanted to give this new couple, Dwight and Sherry, the benefit of the doubt.

That was essentially his first mistake.

Can Daryl Ever Trust Dwight?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

As a reminder, Dwight and Daryl’s relationship goes like this:

“Angry and upset that his decision to help a stranger named Dwight backfired (with Dwight stealing his crossbow and then using it to later kill Denise), Daryl went rogue in an attempt to exact revenge for Denise’s death. Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita followed him and attempted to convince Daryl to return to the safety of Alexandria, but he refused. The result? Glenn and Michonne were captured and then used at bait to draw out Daryl and Rosita, who then found guns trained on them after they were outflanked during a rescue attempt…”

With such a rocky relationship, will Daryl get revenge on Dwight, or will he be able to let bygones be bygones to finally take down Negan?

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