Rick Grimes Meets The Zombie Girl

Rick Grimes in TWD Pilot…

In TWD Pilot episode, Rick Grimes is out looking for gas. In his Sheriff’s uniform, the man is still holding on to the hope that the world isn’t over. Gascan in hand, he walks away from his stopped police cruiser.

During his search for gas, he finds something he’s not looking for. There’s a little girl with a stuffed animal in hand. Unfortunately, when he gets her attention, he realized that she’s just another victim of the outbreak.

The Sheriff is forced to shoot the little girl. In an homage to this first scene from TWD Pilot, Carl Grimes is now alone with a gas can when he finds…

Finding The Man Who Lost It In Zombieland…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Like his father, Carl Grimes wears the Sheriff’s hat and is out of gas. While walking up to an abandoned gas station, he finds something he’s not looking for in the distance; something makes a noise.

Carl Grimes turns to find a voice in the distant. Slowly, he gets closer and closer. The man is speaking to someone, but it’s unclear if he’s addressing our hero. Instead, it’s possible that the man has lost his mind.

Based on the fact that he mentions the Quran, this is likely Abbud, a man who has been “solo too long in Zombieland…”

Like Father, Like Son…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Several shots from this short clip are similar to TWD Pilot. Not only is Carl Grimes on a similar mission, but his actions are also reminiscent of the TWD Pilot. He’s out of gas, armed, looking to help, but on edge.

He even lowers his hat and his body to look under the car in the same way. This clip is certainly a homage to TWD Pilot for fans. However, it could mean something else for the future of the franchise.

Many believe Carl Grimes will one day take over for Rick Grimes and this could be the passing of the torch. Since the two scenes are so similar, we can infer that the boy is stepping into his father’s shoes to one day lead the series.

Do you think Carl Grimes will be a better leader than his father?

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