New Big Bang Theory Recap: The Separation Agitation


New Big Bang Theory Episode

This week’s new Big Bang Theory featured an old favorite Fun with Flags, and a new development: Bert has a girlfriend. Bert’s new girlfriend took up most of the plot, along with Bernadette and Howard dealing with leaving Halley at daycare as Bernadette’s maternity leave ends. Here’s what happened in The Separation Agitation.

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Thank goodness- Fun With Flags is back. We have missed this ridiculous dead-pan of a show. Sheldon and Amy’s famous webseries and podcast features Vexillology- the study of flags- and is hilariously dry and boring. This week they were joined by Howard and Raj’s band, Footprints to the Moon (Howard will never let you forget he was an astronaut-case and point). 

The show was supposed to feature callers. However, it seemed no viewers were interested in discussing flags with Sheldon and Amy. Bert was the only caller to the show- and he definitely had other things on his mind.

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Bert was the one and only caller to the new Fun With Flags. He wanted to talk about his new romantic development. Bert’s new girlfriend, Rebecca, is played by April Bowlby. April is known for being Alan’s girlfriend on Two and A Half Men, and also appeared in Drop Dead Diva. Bert called because he wanted Sheldon and Amy to know he was dating a new woman. Eventually, they decided to invite Bert over to meet his new lady.

Rebecca’s Motives

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Bert’s new girlfriend is very attractive, and after a few disclosed details it seems she’s only after Bert’s cash. Bert had immediately disclosed a grant he had won, and bought Rebecca a new TV. Sheldon bluntly (and hilariously) points out that Rebecca is much more attractive and much younger than Bert. Amy is also concerned about Rebecca’s motives, and is unsure how to break it to Bert. 

Inevitably Bert agrees to break up with Rebecca. The whole thing is kind of sad to be honest, but also great comedy TV. Did you watch the new Big Bang Theory episode, The Separation Agitation?

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