Hidden Figures 

Hidden FiguresThis picture perfectly captures the atmosphere of Hidden Figures by vox.com. Jim Parsons is a very busy man outside of The Big Bang Theory. Most recently, his new movie Hidden Figures released this past December. We get to see Parsons in a slightly familiar as well as slightly different role. Here is the scoop on the movie and why you need to go and see it.

NASA’s Heroic Women

Hidden FiguresThe heroines of Hidden Figures by cnn.com.

Believe it or not, the movie does not center on Parsons’ character. But that is no reason why you should not go and see it. The story takes place in the 1960’s and focuses on the contributions of three very smart African American women to the NASA space program. Primarily the launch of John Glenn into orbit.

Each of these women contributed something special to the mission. Katherine Johnson was perhaps the best mathematician in NASA and was personally requested by Glenn to check calculations for the mission. Dorothy Vaughan opened doors for African American women in NASA by succeeding in becoming the first female African-American manager in the company. And Mary Jackson was a very skilled engineer, again the first female African American to work in such a position in the space program.

Why are these women important enough to make a movie about? They all have a lot of courage, strength, intelligence, and determination to achieve their dreams at a time when segregation made such bold acts dangerous. Not only is this an important act by these women, but the space mission itself was one of the greatest at a time when the Cold War was happening.

If you are searching for an inspirational movie about women who rose above society to achieve great things, this movie is one to see.

Jim Parsons’ Role

Hidden FiguresJim Parsons as Stafford in Hidden Figures by movies.boxofficebuzz.com.

Of course, this movie is in part a familiar name due to the famous actor’s contributions. He plays a very intelligent engineer in NASA named Stafford. The role is different for him, in that this character is kind of the antagonist. He is a racist and provides obstacles for these women in their work.

Parsons himself admits that the role was a difficult one at first to wrap his mind across. He states that he does not want to be on the bad side of history. Nonetheless, he takes on and embraces the role. Magnificent actors can play any type of role, and he certainly does not disappoint.

The performance of the actors and actresses in this movie is phenomenal. The movie is in the running for a 2017 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

What do you think of Parsons playing the bad guy?

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