Moments and Quotes to Remember from Season 10 so Far


Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory offers entertaining moments to remember and surprising quotes for the fans.

From Leonard and Penny having an open wedding for their loved ones to Bernadette’s pregnancy, it has been an adventure.  And we are only halfway through it!  Here are some memorable quotes from each episode of the season thus far.

The Conjugal Conjecture – Episode 1

Everyone is at Leonard and Penny’s wedding, which has a lot of comical relief moments due to the conflict between all of the characters.  There are many quotes in this scene that made us laugh, but one we remember in particular is:

            Sheldon: Why do people cry at weddings?

            Mary Cooper: They’re practicing for what comes later.

The Military Miniaturization – Episode 2

Season 10
Penny comforts Bernadette in Episode 2 by

In episode 2, we find Bernadette is hiding her pregnancy at work because she wants a promotion.  Penny accidentally lets the beans slip and is furious at Penny.  Penny then tries to comfort her friend by asking her why people would treat her differently because she is pregnant.  To which Bernadette responds:

Bernadette: Are you kidding me? I’ve always been treated differently! Look at me! I mean, the first thought when you see me isn’t: “That’s a scientist.”  It’s: “I wonder if her mommy knows where she is.”

The Dependence Transcendence – Episode 3

Sheldon is exhausted and trying to stay awake.  He begins to hallucinate about the Flash by the vending machine.  The Flash is trying to convince Sheldon to drink caffeine because everyone is doing it.

Sheldon: Superheroes take performance enhancing chemicals?

The Flash: You bet. You know why Hulk is so strong? Steroids. You know why Batman wanders around at night getting into fights? Scotch.

The Cohabitation Experimentation – Episode 4

Amy is moving in with Sheldon into Penny’s apartment and Penny is moving into Leonard’s apartment.  Amy asks if it will be an inconvenience:

Leonard: And we live with Sheldon, so the word “inconvenience” has really lost all meaning. 

The Hot Tub Contamination – Episode 5

Bernadette and Howard investigate the intruder through their window by
Bernadette and Howard investigate the intruder through their window by

Bernadette and Howard pretend to be out of town but stay at home.  They hear someone in their house and outside and panic because they left their phones downstairs.

Bernadette: I have my iPad.

Howard: What are you going to do, email 911?!

The Fetal Kick Catalyst – Episode 6

Howard feels the baby kicking inside Bernadette, and makes the comment:

Howard: Look at you. Willy Wonka would roll you into the juicing room.

Bernadette: The next person kicking you will be me. Good night.

The Veracity Elasticity – Episode 7

Sheldon voices his concerns about his girlfriend to his friends, and Howard always has a smart remark for him:

Sheldon: I’m concerned about Amy. She’s acting a bit odd lately.

Howard: Just out of curiosity, what registers as odd to you?

The Brain Bowl Incubation – Episode 8

Season 10
Amy and Sheldon combine their DNA in the lab by

Amy and Sheldon have successfully made life using their combined DNA.  Penny questions whether the two of them could actually have a really intelligent child like Sheldon believes:

Amy: Well there is a genetic component, but that doesn’t guarantee anything.

Leonard: That’s true.  Sheldon’s father once picked a fight with a cactus.

Penny: Yeah, but that’s just his Earth parents. We don’t know anything about the ones that sent him here.

Leonard: Well, we know they were smart enough to send him away.

The Geology Elevation – Episode 9

Sheldon shocks Leonard by telling him that he envies him. Leonard asks why and instantly regrets it upon hearing Dr. Cooper’s response:

Sheldon: You’re happy with who you are. You don’t get jealous of other people. Instead of   being weighed down by ambition, you just float along like a dead body in a river.

What is your favorite Season 10 moment?