Nobody Could Have Predicted Missy Would Do This Months After End Of Duck Dynasty


Missy Robertson’s jewelry line, Laminin, is truly unique. The line employs women coming out of hardship and hopes to be a cause for good in the world.

Missy Robertson’s Jewelry Line

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Missy Robertson’s jewelry line is quite special. The Duck Dynasty star is the name behind the Laminin jewelry line. Missy founded the business with her friend Kelly. The goal of the company was to employ women in their community who needed a second chance.

Missy explained, “This is not something that I ever saw coming down the pipe at all. But it’s something that God took and said, ‘You know what? I’m going to make this larger and broader and more encompassing than you ever dreamed.'”

Laminin is now highly successful. They sell pieces based on the beauty of outdoors and femininity. They also employ women who are coming out of poverty, sex trafficking, addiction, and other heartbreaking situations.

Missy recalled, “Our first two employees that we hired came from an organization called Project 41. And it’s an organization that rescues women and children from the sex trafficking industry. Then I called Miss Kay. I said, ‘Do you think you know of some more women who might need a job?’ And she rattled off to me six names, just one-by-one-by-one. And she said, ‘Let me call them.’ The next day she called me she said, ‘All six of them want that job.’”

The Podcast

Missy Robertson & Brandy
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Now the jewelry company is expanding to other forms of media. Missy is hosting a podcast with Faithwire. The podcast, entitled The Overcomers, will feature the stories of some of Laminin’s employees. The first episode featured former employee Brandy. Missy called Brandy’s story, “the most horrific story I’ve ever heard to my face.”

Brandy was sold into sex trafficking by her mother from an early age. She also developed an addiction and was eventually put into prison. However, she survived and came out thriving after a visiting woman gifted her with a bible. 

Now Missy and Brandy both hope to spread a message of hope, resiliency, and awareness. Missy Robertson’s jewelry line is doing big things for women in America. Will you be buying any of their products soon?