Fans Can’t Stop Criticizing Missy Robertson’s “Speech”…


Missy Robertson decided to use her Moms March for America Speech to spew every single conservative view she’s ever had. Her talk was far-reaching, and covered quite a plethora of topics. Many fans criticized her tactics, saying she should have focused on a singular subject for a larger impact. Here’s what she had to say.

Get To The Point, Missy Robertson

Missy Robertson was asked to speak at the Moms March For America. The march took place last weekend. It stood as a response to the Women’s March earlier this year, and promised to bring together conservative mothers who want to preserve the role of a mother in society.

Fans noticed that Missy Robertson seemed to want to cover every conservative topic possible in the 14 minutes allotted to her. Instead of picking one subject and honing in on it, she jumped from thought to thought with seemingly no direction. Audience members noted that a more focused speech might have made a bigger impact.

Missy stated at the beginning of the speech, “There may be one thing though that you have not heard me say ever before. I’m here to make an announcement today. That announcement is that I, Missy Robertson, am a true feminist in every sense of the word.” However, Missy never brought up feminism again, or explained what she meant.

Instead she began to talk about the difference between perception and reality. She did make a good point that the media forces us to form opinions based on sex, gender, and race. However, once again she never came full circle with the talking point.

Missy cut straight to a story about respecting teachers. She recalled that as a little girl her parents told her teachers were always right. The audience eagerly waited for Missy to explain how this related to the current cultural state in America…she never came back to it.

Harsh Conservative Views

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Missy then out of the blue brought up facts about prenatal care, and fetal heartbeats. She clearly condemned abortion, saying, “our culture convinced us that a life growing inside a woman’s belly is not yet human. Yet DNA technology proved that an untruth.” She also condemned same sex marriage, eliminating prayer from schools, and transgender rights. Her comments seemed strange, coming immediately after a story about respecting teachers and elders. It was unclear how the two points related.

Fans also noted The Duck Dynasty wife’s speech read as a bulleted list of conservative beliefs and political platforms. She threw in quotes about religion and government, but without context the phrases fell short of meaning. Missy Robertson would have been better off picking one topic and sticking with it.

What did you think of Missy Robertson’s conservative speech at the Moms’ March For America?