Missy Robertson Shares Horrifying Story We Can’t Forget


Missy Robertson is once again being a force for good in this world amidst a sea of distress. Missy’s jewelry company Laminin employs victims of sex traffic abuse. Now, she’s shedding light on some of her employees stories in a new podcast.

Missy Robertson On Laminin, Sex Trafficking, and Hope

Missy Robertson has her own jewelry line calling Laminin. The line employs women who are coming out of sex trafficking, sex work, addiction, and poverty. Missy hopes to give these women the opportunity to provide for themselves, and to turn their lives around.

photo by laminindesigns.com

In a recent Instagram post Missy said, “Sex trafficking is real! It’s right here in our towns. But Brandy is living proof that God is real! She survived the most horrific story I’ve ever heard, and she is thriving today! It can happen. This is not a fiction movie or book. It’s real.”Missy will be telling Brandy, and others’ stories on a new podcast entitled The Overcomers. Missy hopes to shed light on some of these women’s incredibly sad stories. She believes they will be able to spread hope, and raise awarness. Missy explained, “I want the world to hear from some of these women, because … I’m amazed that they’ve overcome… It’s the most horrific story I’ve ever heard to my face.”

Tragic Tales

Missy Robertson & Brandy
photo by faithwire.com

The Faithwire podcast details the horrors Brandy had to endure in her childhood. She describes, “They would sell me to the pimp. A 10-year-old little girl was giving a b***job for $20, was selling her body for $40 at truck stops just being used and sold by a pimp, so they could continue to get high…” 

However, at the end of the sad tale is a story of hope. Brandy recalls being given a bible while in prison. She recalled, “[a woman] brought me a Bible. I remember I cussed her like a dog. I told her I didn’t want it…But something in me took that Bible anyway  … I had no clue. I had never opened a Bible at this point.”

Brandy has now accepted Jesus into her heart and is thriving. Both Missy Robertson and Brandy hope that her story will inspire other women, and bring these major issues to the public’s eyes. We are impressed by their initiative and their kind spirits hoping to make a change.