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The Robertsons might be off of our television screens but they’re still very much in the business game. This family figured out how to monetize their fame and platform and dove head first into nearly every avenue of media imaginable. One perfect example includes Missy Robertson’s new books. 

Missy Robertson’s New Books

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Missy Robertson has a new book series out. It’s called Princess in Camo and was co-written with Mia, Missy’s teenage daughter. The books are yet another addition to the large Robertson library. Fans can collect literature from the family in nearly every genre. There are devotionals, tell-alls, cookbooks, fiction stories, and self-help works of all kinds. 

Princess in Camo features two new titles, Running From Reality and Allie’s Bayou Adventure. The mother-daughter duo worked on the books together and hoped to tell a little bit of Mia’s story. The books are fiction but the characters are based on different cousins in the Robertson family. Korie Robertson shared that Missy had taken the cousins to New York City in honor of the book’s release. Korie wrote, “[Missy] is winning the Best Aunt Award right now!! She and Mia wrote two new children’s books (swipe to see 😍) They used the cousins as inspiration for the characters AND invited them on a trip to NYC for the book launch!!” Mia is very close with her cousins, particularly those closer to her age.

Allie’s Bayou Adventure

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The book Allie’s Bayou Adventure features a story near and dear to Missy and Mia’s hearts. Most fans know that Mia was born with a cleft and lip palate. Because of the ailment, Mia has undergone many treatments and surgeries. Missy urged her to put some of those experiences into the book. However, Missy didn’t want the main character to be exactly like her. 

Missy revealed, “I wanted her to keep the cleft lip and palate because Mia was born with that and I’ve been so proud of her the way that she has overcome those struggles and those challenges. She looked at me and she said ‘no mom it’s fiction.'” Instead, Mia decided to give Allie, the main character, asthma. The book’s description reads, “rumor has it that if she has one more serious asthma attack, her family may move to Arizona—far away from the Louisiana Bayou and the extended family that she loves and stars with in the reality TV show…”

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