Missy Robertson Employs A Former Drug Addict, Gives Her A Voice To Tell Her Story


Missy Robertson employs many women who have experienced traumatic and devastating life situations. Laminin, Missy’s jewelry collection, is created and sold by women who have either suffered from homelessness and addiction, or have been sex workers of trafficking victims. This week Missy gave a former drug addict a voice by hosting her during her podcast, The Overcomers.

Missy Robertson’s Laminin

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Missy Robertson’s jewelry line, Laminin came about when Missy decided she wanted to employ women in less than ideal circumstances. She wanted to be able to give these women a second chance, and a new way of life.

Now Missy is giving her employees an outlet to share their stories. She hosted former drug addict, Charlie, this week on her podcast, The OvercomersThe Overcomers aims to tell the stories of Laminin employees, and spread a message of hope and awareness.

Charlie’s story is hard to bear. The young girl has a promising future, and was studying in college when she became addicted to multiple drugs. During the podcast Charlie told Missy, “My mom was the first person who gave me pills…By the time I was 19, I was doing drugs every day. I would snort cocaine to stay awake and take pills to go to sleep.”

Finding The Lord

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After a terrible struggle with addiction and overdose, Charlie found herself begging God for her life back. She said, “I remember being so high on Ecstasy and morphine together … that I couldn’t move…and I couldn’t even get any words out. I remember begging God in that moment, ‘Please don’t let me die like this.”

Charlie also shared that her family is not supportive of her new lifestyle. She even shared that “it’s very common” for her mother to continue to offer her pills, after she has been through recovery. However, Charlie has found peace in the Lord and Christianity. She said, “I feel like I have fully forgiven her. I always do…I’ve realized that sometimes forgiveness is something you have to work on every day. You have to wake up and make a conscious decision to forgive people…Jesus forgave me, and I know it was a lot easier for him than it is for us.”

Missy Robertson hopes to bring new life to the many women she employs, and use their stories to touch others at the same time.