Missy Robertson May Have Lost Her Fans After Saying This…


Missy Robertson didn’t skirt around the big issues when she spoke at the Mom’s March for America this past week. The Duck Dynasty wife was blatant about her views on abortion, gender identity, and same-sex marriage. Here’s what she had to say.

Missy Robertson’s “Reality”

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Missy Robertson’s speech at the Moms’ March For America certainly didn’t beat around the bush. The Robertson wife was avid about her beliefs, her Christian faith, and her personal life. 

Missy began the speech with anecdotes about parenthood and even talked about respecting teachers. However, she quickly dropped her lighthearted tone and decided to gear her subject matter towards abortion.

“Our culture convinced us that a life growing inside a woman’s belly is not yet human,” Missy proclaimed. Missy then claimed, “yet DNA technology proved that an untruth. We were told that they are not life until they are born. Yet, ultrasound technology reveals a beating heart by 8 weeks gestation. By ten weeks her fingers and toes are fully formed…”

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Missy isn’t the only Robertson to speak out about pro-life issues. Korie Robertson even recently admitted that it was the issue of abortion that ultimately swayed her to vote for Donald Trump in 2016. She said, “I did not make that decision until the day of the election. I really struggled with it…I chose to, mainly because of Hilary Clinton’s views on abortion.”

The Milestones

Missy Robertson and Korie Robertson share a passion about their pro-life stance. Missy continued in her speech to press the point forward. “What about the unwanted child? That baby still achieves the exact same milestones. The only difference in the two babies is that one is wanted. and the other is not…We tell our children that life is infinitely precious.”