Missy And Phil Get Into “Heated” Discussion On Camera People Are Talking About


Phil Robertson is the patriarch of the Robertson family. The Duck Dynasty clan is a pretty close-knit group, and they take respecting their elders very seriously. That’s why it was so shocking when Missy Robertson disagreed with Phil’s views on camera.

Missy Robertson Questions Phil Robertson’s Opinion


Missy Robertson has had a big month. Not only did she help to raise tens of thousands of dollars for her daughter’s Mia Moo foundation, she also got to see her husband with a clean-shaven face for the first time in eight years.

Needly to say, the Duck wife was ecstatic. Missy was so excited to see Jase Robertson without a beard that she streamed the entire event on Facebook Live. However, as she waited anxiously to see her man, she got in a bit of a tiff with her father in law.

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Fans noticed that Missy seemed to disagree with Phil in the Facebook live video, and she didn’t exactly keep quiet. Missy had asked Uncle Si and Phil what they thought of Jase shaving his face. Of course, we all know the Duck Dynasty men equate their beards with masculinity. We expected Phil to say something to that nature, but he went a bit further.

Phil said, “I’m looking at females. And females, they do not have hair coming out of their face…Being a bible man, therefore I’ve concluded God made males whereby hair comes out of their face. Surely he didn’t do that so you would have to cut it off every day.”

Missy’s Reaction

Missy Robertson had a pretty great response to her father in law’s opinion. She retorted, “but hair comes out of women’s legs. So what are you gonna do about that?” Of course, Phil was a good sport and said he liked the “french style,” referring to women who grow out their armpit hair.

Still, you could tell there was tension in front of the camera. Missy also pointed out “This is all for a good cause.” She clearly didn’t appreciate her father in law shaming her husband for helping to raise money for a charity.

Do you think Missy Robertson was justified in challenging her father in law? Do you agree with Phil or Missy?