They built their empire upon conservative values, but this family is anything but simple.

How Much Is The Robertson Family Worth?

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A&E’s Reality show “Duck Dynasty” brought the Robertsons into the limelight.  This Louisiana-born family has used their reality platform to grow their individual brands and expand their businesses.

Phil Robertson- 15 million

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It all began with Duck Commander; a company that sells duck calls to avid hunters.  Phil Robertson turned down a career in professional football for hunting.  The rest is history.  He patented his Duck Commander Duck Call in 1972.  The business grew organically.  Through the fame of the show and ownership in the Duck Commander company, Phil has acquired an easy 15 million.  He also participates in many paid speaking events.  Phil Robertson t-shirts and hats are very popular!

Willie Robertson- 20 million

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Willie is arguably the most successful of the Robertsons.  He took the Duck Commander company over, and with the help of his wife Korie, grew it into a multi-million dollar company.  Willie, like the rest of his family, also participates in many paid speaking events.  Later on, he started the company “Buck Commander” as a spin-off of Duck Commander.  Willie’s most recent accomplishment is speaking at the Republican National Convention.

Miss Kay- 15 million

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Kay Robertson, the matriarch of the family, has herself a nice chunk of change.  Miss Kay has grown her net worth through the reality show.  She also has her own cookbook.  The cookbook is named “Commander Kitchen Cookbook,” and has some of her tastiest Louisiana recipes.

Jase Robertson- 10 million

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He’s sometimes referred to as “Willie’s brother” on the show; Jase has his own nest egg.  By running the manufacturing aspects of Duck Commander, and appearing at many guest speaking jobs, Jase has accumulated a cool 10 million.  Before “Duck Dynasty’s success,” he appeared on many hunting DVDs.   

Missy Robertson- 4 million

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Missy, Jase’s wife, has her own money to manage.  Most notably, she has participated in a partnership with Dooney and Bourke and the other Robertson wives.  They call themselves the “Duck Wives.”  The bags they sell feature signature Duck Dynasty camouflage!

Korie Robertson- 10 million

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Aside from assisting Willie to grow the Duck Commander business, Korie also has her own side hustles to run.  She partnered with Missy and Jessica on the Dooney and Bourke collection.  She has also promoted many jewelry and fashion brands.  

Rebecca Lo Robertson- Unknown!

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Although the Robertson daughter’s exact net worth is unknown, we predict she’s building quite the empire!  In recent years Rebecca has opened her own boutique, “Duck and Dressing.”  The store is in Monroe Louisiana and also has a large online following.  

Sadie Robertson- 500 Thousand

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The Robertson children are coming of age before our eyes!  Most notably, Sadie performed a stint on Dancing With The Stars.  She used the extra television exposure to promote many fashion lines including Sherri Hill, and she also speaks at the Christian music festival “Winter Jam.”

The family’s television show may slowly be losing viewers, but this family isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

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