After the opening war prep scenes, we get to catch up with Carl Grimes in the Season 8 premiere. As an homage to the first season of The Walking Dead, Carl Grimes is alone, out of gas, and looking for fuel in a dangerous world.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Back in the first season, Rick Grimes was in a very similar situation. In the first few minutes of the pilot episode, Rick finds a girl zombie. Believing she’s another survivor (as she holds a teddy bear), he calls out for her.

Rick is then forced to kill the walking dead girl. Now, Carl is in the same spot.

Carl Grimes Knows “Hope” Is Not Enough…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carl hears something while looking for gas. When he catches up to the noise, he finds a man that will later be known as Abbud. Carl Grimes feels sympathy for the man, but Rick arrives and scares him away.

Rick reminds Carl that no one can be trusted. Also, he also says that he hopes for the best if the man is alone. Carl knows that “hope” is not enough these days, especially if the man is starting to lose it amongst the undead.

This is where Rick and Carl are different.

Carl Grimes, This Is YOUR Show…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Later, Carl Grimes is standing with Michonne and near Baby Judith as Rick Grimes prepares to leave. It looks like both Michonne and Rosita have been recruited to stand guard in Alexandria due to their injuries.

Carl Grimes, likewise, has also been forced to stay. “I know you wanted to go with him,” said the boy. “I did, too.” Michonne, Rick’s girlfriend, is upset that she’s not going the fight for revenge and the future of their world.

“I’ll help you defend this place,” responded Michonne. At that point, Carl Grimes is unclear what she means by the comment. “Help me?” he asked. “Oh, yea. This is your show,” she said to the boy that is now like a son.

Carl Grimes shakes off the comment, but Michonne insists that he will soon be the leader of the community. Based on the homage and Michonne’s comments, it’s hard to argue that Carl won’t one day take over the community, and perhaps the show.

Do you think this indicates a death in the Grimes family this season?

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